Dolphin Fishing Charters in Florida

florida dolphin fishingOne of the worlds top game fish is the Dolphin. (Also to referred to as a Mahimahi, Mahi, or Dorado) The fish puts on an amazing fight with acrobatics and even tastes great as food. Dolphin can be caught Ft. Pierce from November through June.

Dolphin are a migratory species. They migrate down to Florida through the winter months. They often migrate in huge schools so you have a chance to fill up your cooler with these meat fish.

In April the fish are heavily concentrated off Ft. Pierce, Florida. Expect to catch 20-pound dolphin regularly around this time.  If you get lucky you can even catch a giant dolphin in excess of 50 pounds!

To catch the dolphin we generally troll dead ballyhoo or live bait. Captain Glenn is one of the best fishermen in the world and you will have a chance to learn how the pros target this species. Expect aggressive strikes, fun fights, and an unforgettable day of fishing.

In addition to dolphin you can expect to see sailfish, tuna, kingfish, wahoo and the occasional marlin when trolling for dolphin!

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